Working With Clients

Our organisational infrastructure and business size provide for a unique combination in allowing for timely delivery, the highest quality of customer service and collaboration, all together yielding regular innovation within our market.

flexible and reliable

Boasting exclusive relationships with two world leading factories which produce their own brand of Copper Sulphate allows for Nutrichem to offer a range of prices and qualities to suit the needs and desires of its customers. For the maximum convenience of our clients, we have strategically placed storage facilities, over time,  to offer timely delivery options. We have, and continue to arrange, further agreements with warehouses in mainland Europe, and other parts of the world for expedited delivery across the European continent as well as the globe. Through the long-term development of the company in its experience, it has set up a unique ability within the market to not only offer large amounts of products like Copper Sulphate, starting from one pallet upwards, but to offer smaller amounts directly to retailers, eliminating the need for distributors and thereby allowing for highly competitive pricing. This client-focused approach has lead Nutrichem to be in tune with any of its customers’ requirements, no matter how voluminous, or sparse.

Nutrichem has brought, and continues to bring, innovation to the market of its clientele of Chemicals and Metals. As an example, we are the first company to begin using a pricing formula of Copper Sulphate based on the London Metals Exchange. Due to our Director’s experience in non-ferrous metals, ha has implemented a pricing system which is directly linked to the LME price of Copper. This has proven to be resoundingly successful over the years, and the vast majority of clients have benefited from this hugely. It is now possible to hedge against large fluctuations in the market, making it a safer environment for everyone. Furthermore, linking the price of Copper in such a way has provided for greater cost efficacy to the company and its clientele. We continue to make leaps within the market through out systems of delivery, environmentally focused efforts in view of the future, and numerous other endeavors; to find out more, get in touch!