Social Responsibility

Any company, at its most basic constituent is comprised of individuals, and if the given individuals act in a manner consistent with that of a mutual benefit to society at large, we trust that this synergy will produce a company reflective of its constituents.

So what is Social Responsibility, and why are we dedicating an entire page to it? This concept is rather simple; it maintains that each entity, whether it be an individual or organisation, has an obligation or duty to conduct itself for the betterment of wider society. At Nutrichem we take this concept very seriously and use it as a tool to color all of our future plans. So what exactly does that mean, and how does this manifest concretely?

More specifically, Social Responsibility is to maintain a balance between Economic Profitability and Environmental Health; in other words maximizing welfare of Society and the Environment versus Economic Gains. Neither side must suffer, and each must bare fruit in order for an individual or an organisation to be of any benefit to society. At Nutrichem, we deeply believe in the work we do, and strive for this concept to be a living part of the company, not just a page that ticks a corporate box.

So what are we doing about this? Concretely, Nutrichem is currently in the process of acquiring all the necessary international certifications and license that encompass its actions and functions within the industry, as a starting point. There standards, among which are ISO, IPPC, HACCP, FEMAS and many others, envelop within them the best practice pertaining to economy, society and environment. After we have completed all the necessary certifications, we will be posting our progress on this page for your information. Once these actions are completed, we will begin to expand further internal innovation for the betterment of our employees, their families, society, as well as the environment (for more information on this please visit the Environmental Responsibility page) so watch this space!