Nutrichem has become synonymous with expertise, precision and reliability when it comes to delivery of products. Whether it is by ground, rail or sea; our deliveries are carried out in a timely fashion and in consideration of all the inherent legislature, locally as well as globally. 

We are now the biggest exporter of Copper Sulphate in Europe and steadily growing in a challenge to the same title on a world stage. Nutrichem caters to clients in over 70 countries , spanning the entire globe and all its continents. We have spread our product range far beyond Copper Sulphate to include other chemicals as well as metals, with hopes of further diversification in the near future within the agricultural sector. All of these offering regularly travel to all the corners of the world.

Such an operation has demanded the development of an exceptional logistics department in parallel to its growth. Our diverse network of regional and international logistics partners, coupled with our in-house experience and expertise, over many years, brings with it the ability to deliver on our promises every time. 

Anyone who has dealt with logistics within their business is familiar with the fact that unforeseen problems arise on a regular basis, particularly as the number of collaborating parties grows; at Nutrichem we understand this very well. In our experience we have learned to be highly flexible during our delivery, within our own organisation as well as with our logistics partners, in practice this has shown to bring a vast improvement in the efficacy of our exports. We find it of utmost importance to act quickly and creatively in resolving any unforeseen issues to make our clients' experience as smooth as possible, as often as possible.

We continuously work with our valued clients in identifying new ways of improving our service; if you should have any suggestions and/or requests, it will be our pleasure to explore this with you in finding a preferred method of working. So please do get in touch, and we will be pleased to help.