About Us

Nutrichem Processing LLP was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Surrey, United Kingdom. The company’s roots were grounded in trade of Copper Sulphate, which was well suited to its Managing Director’s 30 years of experience working in the Copper and Non-Ferrous Metal Industries. Since, we have grown and expanded our business in offering a diverse portfolio of metal and chemical products.

During this period Nutrichem Processing LLP has developed long-term relationships with companies on a truly global scale, ranging from small distributors to well-known multinational corporations. Nutrichem has since developed strong relations with Copper Sulphate production factories in Russia, as well as having established a long-term plan to develop its own production capacity through investment in production facilities in Serbia. This plan is now coming to fruition as Nutrichem has become the European leading exporter of Copper Sulphate in terms of service and volume.

Over the past years, we have expanded our product portfolio through partnerships and acquisitions so that we are able to provide for a wider range of products. Besides our broadened offer of non-ferrous metals and metal semi-products originating from Eastern Europe, Nutrichem has undertaken the privatization of Chemical Industry Zupa, in Krusevac, Serbia. The former chemical giant is being reinstated to its former function and as such will provide Nutrichem's clientele with a diverse range of chemical products including fertilizers, flotation reagents (known as xanthates), pesticides as well as multiple sulphates in the very near future. 

Given the recent investments and our solidly founded partnerships with a multitude of organisations and manufacturers world wide; coupled with our professional, responsible and deterimined work ethic, we are confidant that our business will become an every increasingly staple name in the chemical and metal industries.

What Other Said About Us!

It is great that there are high quality Copper Sulphate producers like Nutrichem Processing LLP. We are delighted with the professionalism of their company, excellent technical support staff and stable high quality products.

Lasse Moilanen, Oy Chemec Ab

We have found Nutrichem to be a professional, honourable, experienced and reliable supplier of Copper Sulphate. We appreciate their integrity & sincerity in the numerous dealings we have had with them, and consider them a trustworthy & credible supplier. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to others. We wish them every success in their endeavour.

Shopna Morden, Caldor Trading Ltd